Ajax Search Pro - Live WordPress Search & Filter Plugin


The Ultimate WordPress Search Engine

Ajax search pro is the best live search engine plugin for WordPress. Highly customizable, with many features and options, giving the best results possible! Replace the WordPress search bar with a better looking, more efficient search engine.

Why Ajax Search Pro?

  • Real-time results. Quick and precise results, in real-time. A unique, custom built search script - for more accurate and faster results.
  • Powerful back-end. Create multiple search instances - With over 400 options, it's possible to adjust the plugin to your exact needs - without coding.
  • Professional support. Fast and professional support, provided by the plugin developers. Customer support is our number one priority - we take it very seriously.
  • Limitless customizations. Give your visitors a better search experience. Choose from over 65 pre-defined plugin themes, or make your own, as you like it.
  • Wide content type support. The search supports posts, pages, products and any custom post type. Searching categories, tags, taxonomy terms, users, attachments and BuddyPress content is also supported.
  • Front-end filters. The plugin features a highly customizable (optional) front-end filters panel. Checkboxes, radio buttons, selectors, date filters and more - build a more convenient search experience.
  • Layouts & Themes. Four different built-in layouts, over 65 pre-defined fully functional themes. All of them are customizable of course.
  • High accuracy. The adjustable keyword logic, and two different built-in search engines allows you to configure the plugin to get the most accurate results for your specific needs.
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