Agile Store Locator - #1 Google Maps WordPress Plugin


Agile Store Locator is the most comprehensive WordPress Store Locator/Finder Plugin that offers you immediate access to all the stores in your local area with Google Maps V3. You can add unlimited stores with this stores with category management. It enables you to find the very best stores and accurate geolocation about each store that suits a customer inquiry.


  • Highly Responsive UI Design
  • Stores Management for unlimited Markers
  • Category Management with Markers
  • Add custom fields
  • Set Time Format
  • Set Distance Unit KM/Miles
  • Sort by distance, id, title
  • Set priority stores
  • Geo button or Geo-Location button feature
  • Search Zoom, Click Zoom, and defaut Zoom
  • Restrict Search to a Country
  • Display Hours by current day or week
  • Search via Google Place API or Google Geocoding API
  • Open Direction in Google Maps
  • Full Width Store Locator
  • Open links in a new tab
  • Set your Map language
  • Logo Selection for each Store
  • API Key insertion Option
  • Set Default Lat/Lng for Google Maps
  • Sort to Map Screen View
  • Find Direction in KM and Miles in Store Locator
  • Stylish InfoBox for Google Maps
  • Show the Driving Direction of the Store from current Location
  • Search Direction by Zip, City, State, Country
  • GeoLocation API Supported within Store Locator
  • Draggable Marker to PinPoint Location in Admin
  • Show Timing of Stores
  • Category Markers can be applied to Stores
  • Customize the Default Zoom Level From Admin Panel
  • Enable/Disable a Store
  • Customizable Template using Plugin Editor
  • Multilingual plugins
  • Google Map Type Selection “hybrid”, “roadmap”, “satellite”, and “terrain”
  • Locate address by Zip Code, Town, City or State
  • Maps regions and Maps Language feature
  • Delete all stores Option
  • KML Files
  • Map Customization – Drawing Overlays
  • Borlab Cookies Supported
  • GDPR Supported
  • Random Sorting
  • and so much more
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